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Lord Nelson, 56 Smithford Street

These premises have been known by different names during their history:FROMTONAME
Lord Nelson Inn Horatio Nelson (1785 - 1805), 1st Viscount Nelson was probably England's greatest hero. All in all there are more pubs named for him than any other person. He was born at Burnham Thorpe, Norfolk, and died on board HMS Victory at Trafalgar. His naval career began in 1770, and by the age of twenty one he was a post-captain. He came to notice in the 1790s in the war with France. His destruction of the French fleet at Aboukir (1798) ended Napoleon's plan of conquest in the East. In 1801 he defeated the Danes at Copenhagen, but his greatest victory was at Trafalgar, where he destroyed the combined French and Spanish fleets. The premises is thought to date from c1800 and Lord Nelson visited Coventry in 1802 staying at the KINGS HEAD HOTEL. In 1801 JCM records the name, the ADMIRAL NELSON. By 1822 it was LORD NELSON, but according to an advertisement in the CH&O in 1846 it was referred to as the NELSON TAVERN and by 1868 the name had changed to the LADY GODIVA. Between 1871 and 1879 it was the GODIVA VAULTS and then from 1881 until 1891 simply the GODIVA. From 1892 it was leased by Phillips and Marriott for 21 years at £95 per annum, from J. Laxon, 2 Bath Terrace, Holyhead Road, Coventry. In 1903 Phillips and Marriott record that the cellar was taken away and they were allowed £5 per annum off their rent for this. Finally in 1912, it became the EMPIRE VAULTS. It looks likely that the pub took this name from the Empire Palace of Varieties which was on the opposite side of Smithford Street. In 1928 the license was removed to the MAUDSLEY HOTEL. The ROBIN HOOD, Cox Street, was closed in consideration of this license removal.


LICENSEES: (to be confirmed) 1822 - 1823 J. Stowe 1828 - 1829 William Johnson 1835 - 1841 Samuel Pearson 1845 Mrs Elizabeth Pearson 1850 - 1851 John Lydiatt 1861 William Kirkpatrick 1868 Joseph Barker, Bond Street 1868 - 1871 Abraham Jennings 1879 Charles Alexander, Smithford Street 1881 B. Lazenby (G. Lazenby) 1886 George Small 1890 - 1891 W. Taylor 1893 J. Padgett 1894 H. Bowkett 1896 William J. Jarrard 1896 - 1902 William 'Smiler' Raven 1902 - 1903 Harry Parkes 1903 C. H. Parkes 1904 - 1905 Thomas George Porter 1906 - 1908 James Betts 1908 Thomas Stone 1909 - 1912 Thomas Phipps 1912 - 1922 Alfred Hurst 1922 - 1924 John Leeson 1926 - 1929 W. E. Morley


1892 - 1913 J. Laxon, 2 Bath Terrace, Holyhead Road, Coventry 1913 Phillips and Marriotts
Lord Nelson
Street plan of 1851
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